Start a business in Indonesia is not difficult as long as entrepreneurs have good preparation. The difficulty rate of company establishment depends on the type of industry the company is applying to. For general business purposes that require no special permit, it is relatively easy. Companies only need to prepare capital and identification documents.

There is also a significant difference in the capital requirement for a foreign and local company. For a local company, the minimum capital is relatively small. On the other hand, a foreign company must prepare a minimum capital of one million US Dollars. The function of this capital requirement is for the government to ensure that foreign companies are making a real investment in the country.

Start a Business in Indonesia Requirements

Aside from capital, there are several documents that companies need to submit for company establishment. To start a business in Indonesia, companies must have a business address. In other words, companies cannot use their residential address for business purposes. They need to rent an office to do that.

However, renting a shophouse or office unit may not be affordable for all kinds of businesses. Many multinational companies abroad are shifting from office units to private offices. Private offices are fully furnished office suites on rent. Usually, the provider of such service also provides a virtual office service.

In Jakarta, one example is MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. The office is located in the business zone of Jakarta and at a premium office building. Moreover, the private offices are accessible 24/7 along with the in-house facilities. This easy access allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses without constraints.

Company Establishment in Indonesia

To start a business in Indonesia, it is much easier to use services that assist. This is because the requirements are a little confusing. Also, the government needs the company decree to be legalized by a notary. Therefore, it is much easier to find a provider who can provide an all-in-one solution.

At a provider like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office, aside from private office and virtual office, there are also legal services. One of the most popular legal services they provide is company establishment. A lot of foreign and local companies alike engage in this service. The legal team will not only help with the process, but they will also provide advice and consultations to clients.

Furthermore, the service gives convenience to clients as they only need to submit the required documents. Those documents include; company legal documents, shareholders and director identification documents, proof of capital, and domicile letters. By renting a private office or a virtual office at MESO, the client will be able to get the domicile letter fast. It usually takes around a day for the domicile letter to be produced.

As for the company establishment process, usually, it takes around three months. Clients need to ensure that the documents needed are ready to make the process easier. They must also know which sort of business they want to do. This information is crucial in determining the company industry code. Without it company, may not be able to operate in the country.

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