• Business Opportunities in Jakarta and Investments

    Business opportunities in Jakarta have a high level of demand in the eyes of foreign companies. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, provides a convenient gateway for companies planning to enter the Indonesian market. According to the Jakarta Globe, the current largest trading partner of the country remains to be Singapore at an estimated amount of $4.7 billion. The second and the third highest trading partners are China and the Netherlands.

    Jakarta Globe also reports that despite the ongoing pandemic and the various social restrictions, the number of foreign investments in Indonesia continues to climb steadily. The number of foreign investments is at $6.8 billion during the second quarter of 2020. Furthermore, the latest quarterly report on foreign investment is at $8 billion. The number is slightly lesser than the all-time highest of $8.3 billion in 2017. This stable growth points to the fact that business opportunities in Jakarta and other cities are lucrative for foreign investments.

    The Road to Future Investments

    Seeing the prospects and benefits of foreign investments, the Indonesian Government shifts their economic strategy to promote foreign investments. One of the ways is to introduce regulations and a system that helps to uncomplicate business permit application processing in the country. In the past, to attain a single permit, a company needed to invest a lot of money and time. The purpose of the complicated process is to force companies to opt for an ‘express service’ at a higher rate.

    Nonetheless, this practice proves to be hindering foreign companies to expand their business in the Indonesian market. Instead of Indonesia, many foreign companies prefer to set their base in Singapore as it is close to Indonesia but has a clear bureaucratic route. To solve this problem, the government recently implemented an Online Submission System (OSS). This online platform functions to create transparency of information and process. With the online system, foreign investments can find reliable information on business opportunities in Jakarta or other cities. The online system also renders the so-called express services obsolete. 

    Another effort the local government makes to increase foreign investments in the country is by bilateral cooperation. With President Joko Widodo, currently serving as the Head of G20, Indonesia is on a prospective path for foreign investments. According to the Jakarta Globe, the country is eyeing a $32.7 billion deal after a two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates. The President himself has strongly hinted for UAE investors to invest in lucrative business opportunities in Jakarta, which are trading industries and renewable energy. 

    Business Opportunities in Jakarta and Preparation

    Business opportunities in Jakarta are once again back on their feet after a rise in economic growth. According to the Jakarta Post, Indonesia records an increase of 3.51% of economic growth which is largely from exports contribution. With the social restrictions currently back at level 1 and offices, in general, can operate at 75%, the local economic gears are beginning to move. Although industries like transportation and hospitality are still struggling to get back on track, industries like trading and mining are on top form. 

    Other industry sectors also experience growth, despite at a much slower rate compared to trading or mining. This growth is seen from the rising number of companies and businesses acquiring virtual offices, serviced offices, and company registration services at MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. For foreign companies, the start of this growth can be a beneficial stage to enter the market. The pandemic provides the business environment to hit a restart button. This means that foreign companies can access more business opportunities in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia.

    To be able to have a firm grasp on the opportunity, companies must move fast and efficiently. The first step that foreign investors must prepare is company registration. Without a company, foreign investors will not be able to operate in the country. Next is to acquire a business address for the company to conduct their operation. The last step before starting their business operation is to apply for the necessary permits. All of these services are available at MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. The company have assisted hundreds of companies of both local and foreign origin since 2013. 

    Companies wanting to consult regarding company registration in Indonesia or other office services can visit the website at www.meso.co.id or send a message on Whatsapp at +62812-1315-4189. 

  • Ruang Kantor di Jakarta Bisa Murah dan Nyaman

    Ruang kantor di Jakarta merupakan salah satu opsi domisili kantor yang sering digunakan oleh perusahaan mancanegara. Domisili kantor adalah kata lain dari alamat registrasi usaha. Alamat ini juga merupakan salah satu prasyarat utama bagi perusahaan luar negeri untuk dapat mendirikan usaha di Indonesia. Tanpa alamat registrasi usaha di zona yang tepat, perusahaan tidak bisa mendapatkan izin usaha dari pemerintah di Jakarta. (more…)

  • Virtual Office for a Foreign Company in Indonesia 

    Virtual office for a foreign company operating in Indonesia is a popular choice among foreign investors. In the past, foreign investors can only operate in Indonesia if they have a physical office. The purpose of that regulation is to ensure that at the minimum foreign investors have the financial capability to rent a physical office. Nonetheless, with the growth of technology and the need to further develop the economy that regulation is no longer. 

    Currently, due to the need to push for more foreign investment in Indonesia, the government allows the use of a virtual office for a foreign company. Furthermore, the government also simplifies the regulation to establish a company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. Not only that, but the new regulation also states that foreign companies can have full ownership of more industries. These changes are in line with the Omnibus Law that focuses on attracting more foreign investments in the country.


  • 5 Tips bangun usaha di Jakarta dan Manfaatnya Bagi Start-up

    5 Tips bangun usaha di Jakarta ini dapat sangat bermanfaat dan menjadi pedoman bagi pengusaha Startup untuk membangun usahanya. Terlebih lagi bila pengusaha Startup tersebut baru akan terjun ke dunia usaha untuk pertama kalinya. Tentunya bagi pengusaha baru banyak persiapan yang harus dilakukan untuk mendirikan usaha. Selain dari persiapan membangun usaha, pengusaha juga perlu mempersiapkan mental. 

    Persiapan mental adalah salah satu hal terpenting yang harus dipersiapkan oleh pengusaha. Dikarenakan dalam perjalanan membangun usaha tersebut tentunya ada perjalanan naik dan turun. Oleh karena itu, pengusaha Startup harus dapat menyiapkan diri apabila usahanya tidak berjalan sesuai dengan rencana. Dengan mental yang kuat, pengusaha dapat melewati masa sulit dan memperbaiki situasi usaha. 

    5 Tips Bangun Usaha di Jakarta untuk Start-up

    Untuk mendapatkan manfaat optimal dari berkantor di Jakarta, pengusaha Startup dapat mengikuti 5 tips bangun usaha berikut:

    • Mempersiapkan Rencana Usaha

    Poin pertama pada 5 tips bangun usaha di Jakarta ini adalah untuk mempersiapkan rencana usaha. Pengusaha Startup perlu mempersiapkan perencanaan awal usaha sebelum memulai suatu usaha. Tujuan dari mempersiapkan rencana ini adalah untuk memastikan bahwa produk atau jasa yang disediakan, serta konsep usaha ini dapat berjalan dan dapat menghasilkan profit bagi pengusaha Startup. Tanpa adanya rencana usaha yang jelas, pengusaha akan mengalami berbagai kesulitan saat menjalankan usaha.


    • Menyewa Virtual Office atau Serviced Office

    Dengan menyewa Virtual Office atau Serviced Office, pengusaha Startup mendapatkan opsi terbaik untuk memperoleh domisili usaha. Seperti yang telah dibahas di artikel-artikel yang lalu, domisili usaha ini sangatlah penting untuk memenuhi prasyarat untuk mendirikan sebuah usaha. Selain itu, dengan adanya alamat kantor yang jelas, maka pengusaha dapat memperoleh beberapa dokumentasi legalitas yang diterbitkan pemerintah.

    Kedua opsi tersebut juga akan sangat membantu pengusaha dengan mengurangi jumlah modal yang harus dikeluarkan. Walaupun biaya rental jauh lebih rendah, kedua layanan tersebut sudah termasuk biaya fasilitas kantor yang lengkap. Fasilitas-fasilitas kantor ini disediakan dengan tujuan untuk mendukung kegiatan berkantor sehari-hari. Untuk informasi penyewaan layanan Virtual Office dan Serviced Office, silahkan kunjungi www.meso.co.id


    • Berkonsultasi dengan Ahli Berpengalaman

    Pengusaha Startup juga dapat mendapatkan banyak manfaat dengan berkonsultasi kepada ahli yang sudah berpengalaman. Contohnya, ketika akan memulai suatu usaha maka ada baiknya pengusaha berkonsultasi dengan pengusaha senior. Dengan mendapatkan nasihat seputar berusaha, maka pengusaha Startup dapat mencegah dan mengatasi masalah yang dapat terjadi di masa depan. Selain itu, untuk mendirikan sebuah usaha, pengusaha Startup juga dapat berkonsultasi terlebih dahulu dengan tim legal yang profesional. 

    Tim legal yang profesional dan berpengalaman dapat membantu memberikan arahan bagi pengusaha untuk mendirikan usaha. Apabila pengusaha Startup ingin mencari konsultan legal yang terpercaya untuk membantu pendirian perusahaan, pengusaha dapat berkunjung ke MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. Tim legal MESO sudah berpengalaman menangani ratusan klien baik dalam bentuk perorangan atau perusahaan lokal dan luar negeri.


    • Mendapatkan Legalitas dan Izin Usaha

    Masih berhubungan dengan poin sebelumnya, setelah pengusaha Startup berkonsultasi dengan tim legal yang terpercaya, tahap berikutnya adalah untuk mendapatkan legalitas dan izin usaha. Untuk mendapatkan legalitas usaha di Indonesia, pengusaha perlu menggunakan jasa notaris yang terpercaya. Lalu, pengusaha juga perlu mempersiapkan dokumen-dokumen untuk memenuhi syarat pembentukan usaha. Daftar dokumen-dokumen ini dapat didapatkan dari tim legal.

    Setelah legalitas perusahaan sudah siap, maka tahap berikutnya adalah untuk mendaftarkan izin usaha. Izin usaha ini harus disesuaikan dengan bidang usaha yang diminati oleh pengusaha. Tentunya izin usaha baru bisa didapatkan ketika pengusaha Startup sudah memiliki badan usaha. 


    • Menyimak 5 Tips Bangun Usaha Ini

    Poin terakhir pada 5 Tips Bangun Usaha ini tidak kalah penting dengan poin lainnya. Dengan mempelajari dan mengikuti 4 poin diatasnya, maka pengusaha Startup dapat merencanakan usahanya dengan lebih mantap. Walaupun poin-poin ini mungkin belum mencakup seluruh pedoman untuk membangun sebuah usaha secara detail, namun secara garis besar pedoman ini sudah dapat membantu memberikan gambaran dan arahan bagi pengusaha Startup. Pengusaha Startup perlu untuk memiliki perencanaan yang jelas, menggunakan fasilitas kantor yang efisien seperti Virtual Office atau Serviced Office untuk meningkatkan efektifitas usaha, berkonsultasi dengan profesional yang berpengalaman untuk menghindari potensi masalah, dan membangun legalitas usaha dan izin-izin perusahaan yang tepat.


  • The Office in Jakarta and Environmental Concerns in Indonesia

    The Office in Jakarta may not seem to hold a direct correlation with environmental issues. With the currently ongoing COP26 climate summit, it is pertinent to look deeper into the consequences of business decisions and their impact on the environment. A lot of businesses are not aware that their operations play a major role in contributing to the rise of carbon footprints. Carbon footprints are also responsible for causing global heating, which in turn, causes natural disasters.



    Finding an office in Jakarta is a good start when an entrepreneur is planning to start a business in Jakarta. The metropolitan city is home to about 10,9 million people and is the capital city of Indonesia. With the country’s positive economic growth through the years, it is no surprise that foreign companies are interested to invest in this city. Aside from the relatively cheaper labour, Indonesia is also an emerging market with opportunities.

    The business opportunities present in the country varies in terms of industries. Industries like tourism, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, mining, and manufacturing are some of the popular choices for foreign investments. Nonetheless, as the local economy develops, more industries are open to foreign investments. The government also understands the local economy’s need for foreign investment to boost the economy.


  • Microbusiness in Indonesia Struggles with Covid-19

    Microbusiness in Indonesia is commonly known as UMKM. Like any other business across the nation, the UMKM sector is also experiencing various setbacks. These setbacks are due to the lack of demand. With more companies toppling over, people tend to divert to saving instead of spending. The more people spend, the less money circulates in the market. In return, the economy slows down steadily.

    Moreover, due to the restrictions, a lot of companies are also unable to operate. Any companies that fall under the non-essential category are not allowed to be in office. This restriction proves detrimental to businesses that rely on personal contact between the client and the companies. For instance, service and tourism industries rely on meeting guests and providing services. In fact, due to the pandemic and the absence of tourists, a lot of famous hotels had to file bankruptcy.


  • How do Covid-19 Affect Micro Businesses in Indonesia?

    Micro Businesses in Indonesia experience many negative impacts ever since the COVID-19 pandemic strikes hard on the country. The government sets partial lockdowns to get control over the virus spread. These partial lockdowns only allow the essential business to operate fully while others must operate with the minimum employee or stop their operations. With the pandemic dragging on, the Micro Businesses begins to die down. (more…)

  • How to Start a Business in Indonesia

    To start a business in Indonesia requires a lot of preparation to be made. Before engaging a company setup service, entrepreneurs must determine the kind of business they want to do. Entrepreneurs cannot change their decision about the business model after the company is established. This is because Indonesian law states that each company can only have five business codes. These codes will determine which industries the business can do.


  • What Kind of Office That You Need to Pick?

    The kind of office that you need depends on the entrepreneur and the business. Some entrepreneur prefers to work mobile while some other don’t. Then again, it also depends if the nature of the company allows the entrepreneur to work remotely. For instance, if the entrepreneur works as a representative office, then a physical office is a must. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is doing a digital marketing service, they only need an address to register their business.