moving a business address

Moving a business address within Jakarta can be a confusing matter. Entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the legal regulations in Capital City may find the process rather tedious. Since a few years ago, Jakarta has had different zones for each type of business. There are various specializations for each zone that signifies their uses. For instance, business zones are for businesses, while industrial zones are for industries like factories and plants. Thus, with these regulations, many companies registered in a residential area must move to a business zone area to ensure business continuity. 

Another possible scenario that leads to moving business address is wanting to move to a more convenient business location. An office location is crucial for the business to thrive. The wrong location can misrepresent the company or make it difficult for potential clients to reach out. Therefore it is quite common to see companies moving locations to a proper office tower or a more strategic place to increase their business profitability. 

Moving a Business Address Preparation

Moving a business address needs proper preparation from the company. A change in a business location requires a change in the legal documents and taxations. Entrepreneurs need to have a trusted notary to help settle this issue. Changing a business location means that the business must obtain a new domicile letter and re-register to a new tax office. In general, if the change in the business address does not require changing to a different tax office, then it should be simple. However, if the business moves to another tax office, then the process might take more time.

For legal document changes, entrepreneurs must engage with a professional notary. The notary will reproduce a new company decree where the business location is at the new business address. There will also be changes to other documents like the Ministerial Decree and other supporting documents. As the process might take some time, entrepreneurs must make sure that they have enough time to sort out this issue.

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Another thing that entrepreneurs must be aware of is the tax office. Moving a business address to another part of the city will also require entrepreneurs to re-register to a different tax office. As mentioned before, re-registering at another tax office may be more complicated. This is because all tax offices have income targets. Therefore if a company moves to another tax office, it will reduce the income of the tax office. Thus, to anticipate troublesome paperwork, entrepreneurs must prepare the correct supporting documentation and ensure there is enough time to sort out this matter. 

Choosing the Right Address

When moving a business address, it is important to consider that the destination address is suitable for the business. Thus, entrepreneurs must consider these before selecting the right address:

Moving a Business Address to an Integrated Address

Moving a business address to a location that integrates with many supporting facilities will be advantageous for the company. Daily office operations and access to the office will be a lot easier. Hence, potential clients and business partners alike will find it easier to reach the company. One of the best options in Jakarta is renting a serviced office in MESO. Their strategic location will allow the company to gain access to shopping centres, clinics, banking services, apartments, and a five-star hotel. 

Selecting a Flexible Tax Office 

Another option to consider is an office that has a flexible tax office. Although this information is not easily accessible to the public, this information is crucial for companies hoping for smooth business operations. Thus, entrepreneurs must do prior research by talking to people working in the area. A flexible tax office can help entrepreneurs pay a fair tax price according to the rules and regulations. On the other hand, a difficult one might trap businesses to pay more than necessary.

Save Money With Modernization

Rather than putting a lot of time, effort, and money to rent an office unit or shophouse, entrepreneurs must adapt to modernization and choose the more efficient alternatives. Such alternatives are virtual offices and serviced offices. A virtual office allows the entrepreneur to register their business in a prestigious office address like APL Tower without having a physical office there. While a serviced office allows the entrepreneur and their company to physically work in a dedicated office suite that is fully furnished and serviced, with 24/7 access. 

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