PMA Using a Virtual Office in Indonesia

PMA using a virtual office is no longer a strange concept in Indonesia. For foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Indonesia, they will require a lot of money. Using more money means there is a higher risk. Therefore, one of the simplest ways to mitigate risk is to utilize a more economical option.

In the case of business operations, using a virtual office is not only economical but also an effective office alternative. A virtual office is a business address rental that allows entrepreneurs to register their business there without physically working from the address. The government acknowledge this concept and thus, using a virtual office is widely accepted. However, certain industries and large-scale companies need to rent a proper office suite to support their business operations.

PMA Using a Virtual Office for Starting Up

PMA using a virtual office is mostly a favourite option for companies starting up their business. Businesses that have established a large market usually need an office suite for their employees to work in. On the other hand, companies who are still gauging their market and are yet unaware of the local market might prefer a more economic decision. Renting a virtual office is a much cheaper option than renting an office suite, shophouse, or office unit.

How so? As mentioned before, a virtual office is a business address rental. Companies that use a virtual office rent an office address from their provider. The rental fee includes a domicile letter, a secretarial service, and a meeting room service. The facilities depend on the packages available.

For foreign businesses, it is highly advisable to use a virtual office package that includes a dedicated telephone number. Sometimes, government bodies may send their agents to come to the registered business address to check the validity of the business. They do so because they need to qualify the foreign investments and to reduce the risk of money laundering. Since a virtual office does not provide a physical working place for the client, having a dedicated and reachable office number can help validate the company to the government. 

Other Office Alternative

Concerning the issue of validity, most foreign companies will prefer to use a ready-to-use office suite or a serviced office. A serviced office is an office suite that has furniture and supporting facilities for clients to use. In a provider like MESO, the furnished office suite also includes high-speed internet, 24/7 access, 24/7 security, meeting room usage, and lounge access. Furthermore, there are also services like secretarial and cleaning services to assist with administrative and daily comfort at the office.

This alternative is usually preferable for companies with smaller team numbers. Having a designated office suite allows the team to keep important documents safely in their office suite. Plus, communication is easier when they can work together in an office setting that creates a focused ambience. In addition, the complete facilities make it very practical for the entrepreneur and their team. 

It is not exaggerating to say that by renting a serviced office the entrepreneur and their team members only need to bring themselves and their laptops to work. The serviced office providers ensure that all other supporting office facilities are ready to use. To add to the benefits, the rental price of this office alternative is also economical. The affordable monthly rate includes maintenance and utility fees. There are no additional charges. 

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