virtual office in Jakarta

Virtual office in Jakarta has been a growing trend for businesses as office operations shifts to a hybrid work. A hybrid work refers to the company operating from both home and office. The pandemic brings a rapid development in technology to support the ever-growing need for efficiency. Today, most companies realize that the ability to work from home may not only increase employee happiness but also maintain productivity. Employees can save road travel time and use it for other means without neglecting their work responsibilities. 

The increasing shift to a hybrid working environment leads companies to shift to more lean management. They no longer need a large working space as most things are done through an online platform. However, this does not mean that offices are no longer essential. They still are, except, a communal office becomes the preference. By using a virtual office in Jakarta, companies gain access to office facilities like meeting rooms without paying the maintenance costs. Thus, the trend to use virtual office grows. 

Efficiency and the Rise in Demand

As mentioned before, the modernization of office operations prompts companies to find ways to increase efficiency. The increase in efficiency applies to both the operations side and also cost-wise. When a company rents an office unit to accommodate many employees, they will have to pay for numerous maintenance costs. For instance, electricity, water, internet subscription, and building maintenance fee. Not only that, but they must also spend a substantial amount of time planning and setting up the office.

With the decreasing need to be in a physical office, companies are more likely to benefit from cost savings by using a virtual office in Jakarta. The facilities that companies get include a dedicated phone number, call forwarding service, meeting room access, business domicile, and many more. In general, all of those services cost less than 1000 USD. Essentially virtual office is a business address rental with supporting operations services.

If they still need a small office suite to accommodate their employee, then a serviced office is better. Using a serviced office will give a company access to a fully furnished and serviced office suite. The dedicated office will be available 24/7. There will also be a cleaner to clean the office daily and a CCTV camera is installed for security measures. In short, entrepreneurs or employees only need to bring their laptops to work in a serviced office. 

Virtual Office in Jakarta 

The virtual office in Jakarta has been experiencing a tumultuous journey. About a decade ago, the term wasn’t even commonly known. The Indonesian citizen is not aware of the existence and efficiency of a communal office. Most providers are foreign companies and a handful of local companies like MESO. Around five years after, as the Start-up and unicorn phenomenon happens, many Co-working companies appear. 

The concept of Co-working does not go well with the local market that needs proper legal guidance. Soon the Co-working companies begin to shift their business to become a virtual offices. The market of communal offices becomes too crowded and the newcomers opt for an easy entry strategy; price war. However, the price war did not end well as the income did not justify the costs. Many providers fall into bankruptcy while others try to survive.

The provider that remains is those with long experience in the field. Despite the situation, there are still many if not hundreds of providers lying about in the city. Thus, entrepreneurs must be careful when selecting communal office providers. Make sure to choose those services that are both professional and well experienced.