Benefit from a Virtual Office is often the question when an entrepreneur is deciding to rent the service. The virtual office itself is sometimes mistakenly known as a service very similar to a co-working space. It is, in fact, a wrong understanding. To make it easier, picture a co-working space as a local library or a university library. However, unlike a usual library, it is the section in the library where visitors get to talk and discuss.

On the other hand, a virtual office is a service provider that lets companies register their business domicile there. Entrepreneurs and professionals usually prefer to use a virtual office to run their business operations. Aside from providing an address to their business, a virtual office also provides facilities that support daily business operations. The facilities are helpful for entrepreneurs who prefer to work mobile.

Benefit from a Virtual Office to Companies

The benefit from a virtual office extends to companies and entrepreneurs that appreciate mobility at work. In a city like Jakarta, residential address is not for business purposes. The government separates locations according to their functions. Companies registered at a residential address will not be able to acquire special business licenses. Using a virtual office offers the company a business address in the business zone.

Furthermore, the facilities in a virtual office allow entrepreneurs to have an efficient operating team. The entrepreneur does not need to hire receptionists or admin staff to handle their calls and mail. Within a virtual office service, there is a virtual office assistant or receptionist. Their function includes managing incoming package and calls for clients. Depending on the virtual office package, they can also forward calls to numbers that the client designates.

In addition, another benefit from a virtual office that businesses can enjoy is the meeting room facility. By renting a virtual office, an entrepreneur does not need to have a physical meeting room. Virtual office providers provide a meeting room. The meeting room also includes a writing board, projectors, LCD screen and also a webcam. Entrepreneurs planning to have a video conference or a physical meeting with clients or partners can book the room. In a virtual office provider like MESO, the meeting room facility also includes free-flow beverage.

Kinds of Business that Needs Virtual Office

Most of the time, companies that need virtual office are companies that need a business address. The companies that require this are usually either companies that have long been established before the zoning rule or new companies. If the company was established before the zoning rule, they must renew their company documents and rent a virtual office to register their business. Registering their business will allow them to acquire various business permits.

For new companies, a virtual office is a great option to start. Aside from the office facilities that can help with their operations, the rent fee is relatively affordable. A virtual office also makes it easier for entrepreneurs as they can work from anywhere. Businesses like home industries, do not need to rent a physical office. What they need is an office address to register their business. This address will allow them to sell their goods or services from home.

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