PT PMA operations in Indonesia have to abide by the local regulations. The regulations function as both a guideline as well as a law to keep companies from committing illicit activities. As a guideline, these regulations help companies to know which obligations they need to fulfil before operating in the country.

PT PMA Operations in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are a lot of things that foreign companies must prepare before establishing their business in the country. First and foremost, it is important to get the correct information regarding company establishment. Companies must prepare identification documents of each shareholder and directors. Companies must also have their organizational structure and capital ready.

Once all the establishment document is ready, they must also decide on their business model and operations. This is important because, in Indonesia, companies must register their business codes to enable PT PMA operations in the country. These classifications of codes can be a little confusing. Therefore, it is best to consult with a trustable notary to get good advice.

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Obligations for Foreign Companies in Indonesia

PT PMA operating in the country is also liable to obligations that are set by the government.
Most of these obligations are set by the government to protect the business environment of Indonesia. Foreign companies who wish to operate in the country must fulfil these obligations. If they do not comply, they will be breaking the law.

– Lawful Business Practice

The most basic obligations that foreign company must abide by is lawful business practice. A company cannot hope to earn profit and have a sustainable business without operating within the legal corridor. The risk of unlawful business practice is either penalty or the annulment of a business license. In the worse scenario, the entrepreneurs may have to go on trial for breaching the law.

– Tax and PT PMA Operations

The second obligation that is important is tax. Foreign companies that wish to operate in the country must take time to learn about the local tax system. In the Indonesian tax system, companies have to pay income tax and value-added tax. Companies can continue their operation in the country with the stipulation that they pay taxes. Complying with the tax system will be beneficial for the company sustainability.

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