Using virtual office is one of the most effective solutions to acquire office domicile. A virtual office is a service that allows clients to rent an office address without actually renting a physical office. The client’s business will be officially registered in said address. Through using a virtual office, companies will also be able to utilize the many office facilities.

In a  provider like MESO, the facilities are provided with business support in mind. The facilities allow clients to utilize the meeting room which includes projectors, highspeed wi-fi, LCD screen, writing board, and webcam. Furthermore, clients can also welcome their customers in the lounge area where beverages are free.

What is an Office Domicile?

For entrepreneurs that are not yet familiar with the Indonesian business terms, office domicile may be a little confusing. The business areas in Jakarta are in separate zones. Each zone is coded by a colour that is used to identify business zones. For instance, business, in general, requires to be in a green zone. As for factories, they must be registered in yellow zones. The red zone is for government restricted areas.

Due to this zoning system, residential areas are off-limits for business purpose. Hence, it is recommended to rent a virtual office that is located in such zones. Like MESO, the provider’s location is in a prime location and in a green zone. Plus, there is a legal team that consists of professionals in their field. They will be able to provide consultancy and advice to clients.

Moving back to office domicile, the document is extremely important for business registration purposes. If the company does not obey the regulation and illegally registers their business in a residential area they might get penalized. Not just a penalty, companies will have to redo their registration to a proper address. Therefore, rather than spending a lot of money to rent a shophouse or office unit, using a virtual office is the most efficient.

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Using Virtual Office

Aside from the aforementioned economic reasons, the virtual office also offers a lot of benefits for the clients. Within the offer packages, there are lists of services that will be beneficial for clients. Some facilities like dedicated phone number and call forwarding are very crucial for establishing businesses. Those facilities will ensure that they won’t miss any important calls during business hours.

Moreover, the receptionist service that is a part of the package is also very helpful. Clients do not need to hire an extra arm to take care of mail and calls. The receptionist team from the virtual office provider will take care of the tasks. They will also be able to receive customers and help arrange mail and package deliveries as well.

Most importantly, renting a virtual office also automatically gives the business a domicile. Government officials, be it from the manpower sector or tax office will do surprise visits to check on the business domicile. If the company is at a reputable address, the government will trust the company. Furthermore, at MESO virtual office, clients will be able to acquire the business domicile within 3 working days.

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