MESO Virtual Office is a company that works in the field of office service. MESO stands for Multi Energi Selaras Office. The virtual office and serviced provider is a national company and is one of the pioneers of office service providers in the country. The company has been operating in Indonesia since 2013 and have assisted clients from both local and foreign origin. 

Renting a Virtual Office 

The meaning of virtual office is as direct as it sounds. Virtual office can be described as non-physical office which provides office address for rent. A virtual office provider usually provides several basic office facilities for their clients to use. Like in MESO, virtual office clients, can utilize the meeting room facility, lounge area, and a working desk. These facilities allows clients to work freely either from home or at MESO.

Using a virtual office service is no longer an unfamiliar thing for businesses. A lot of businesses have started shifting to a virtual office. The process to rent a virtual office is also very easy. Clients only need to prepare identification documents and make payment. Once that’s settled, MESO virtual office will provide their domicile letter and an agreement paper to be signed.

Virtual Office Advantages

There are many advantages of using a virtual office. This is why a lot of companies choose to rent a virtual office rather than renting a shophouse or office unit. For the most part, the benefits revolve around financial reasons. However, when observed deeper, there are other impactful advantages when using a virtual office. 

Here are the 7 facts of advantages that can benefit clients when renting MESO Virtual Office.

– Flexible with MESO Virtual Office

 Flexibility is perhaps one of the strongest benefits of renting a virtual office. By registering their business in a virtual office, it allows the client to work from anywhere. Moreover, clients are also free to choose the packages that suit their business needs. Some packages offer complete service with call forwarding and a dedicated office number. Others are simpler.

– Affordable Rental

 Another advantage of renting MESO Virtual Office is the affordable rental. Compared to renting a shophouse or an office unit, a virtual office is much more economical. The rent price, in general, is around $1000 per year or less. The rental fee also includes all the other office facilities like meeting room, dedicated phone number, etc.   

– Simple Process

 Unlike other office rental alternatives, renting a virtual office is simple and fast. This is also one of the reasons why entrepreneurs favour the service. Clients only need to select the available packages, make their payments, and sign the agreement. With only three steps, they can get themselves a proper office address. 

– Efficient Operations

 MESO Virtual Office also helps with the efficiency of business operations. Companies can avoid unnecessary costs that will burden their operations. For instance, by renting the Premium package of virtual office companies do not need to seek telecom providers. The service also includes a dedicated phone number. Furthermore, MESO also includes a receptionist service to handle front desk tasks. 

– Premium Facilities

 There are a lot of facilities that clients get to enjoy in a virtual office without having to worry about the maintenance fee or effort. Depending on the packages, clients have access to a meeting room and its facilities as well as the lounge. Moreover, the professional bilingual receptionists at MESO virtual office will also help with mail and call handlings. They will help in preventing the client from missing important business calls.

– Easy Access to MESO Virtual Office

 Located at a premium grade office building gives a location advantage to clients renting at MESO. The virtual office is located at APL Tower which is connected to one of, if not the busiest mall in the capital city. It is also connected to a large apartment complex, NeoSoho Mall as well as a 5-star hotel. The office building is also easily accessible from all areas of the city, including the airport. 

– Networking Hub

 One of the advantages of renting a virtual office is the opportunity to get connected with other clients. During yearly gatherings or even on a daily occurrence, it is possible to meet other clients and get to know each other. Also, this networking may result in a potential business opportunity.