Jakarta offers various opportunities for many people, including for developing businesses to grow well slowly but surely. This makes Jakarta a perfect ecosystem for business to grow and for the Indonesian economy to thrive. Recently, a lot of businesses have started to grow post-pandemic hit. Existing businesses that survive the pandemic are starting to recover slowly. At the same time, new businesses are starting to emerge. These businesses are looking for office rental in Jakarta to do their operations.

Things to Consider for Office Rental in Jakarta


Nonetheless, not all locations in Jakarta is suitable for business purposes, especially for the office. Entrepreneurs have to seriously consider several factors before deciding to rent an office. Thus, entrepreneurs need to review many factors before deciding to rent an office in Jakarta.

Not All Office Buildings In Jakarta Are Located in Strategic Locations.

A strategic location is key. Imagine if an entrepreneur has to work in an office in a location that is far and difficult to access. Entrepreneurs, staffs, and even clients have to find accessible transportation means. Not only that, but it could also be a waste of time. Entrepreneurs could have used the time to do business instead of wasting it on the road.

Integrated and strategic business location is very important. Each location in Jakarta has areas that are robust for businesses to grow. For instance, the Sunter area in North Jakarta. Green zones are generally a great location to start a business. Renting an office in recommended areas for business is a wise decision. Good areas help with transportation time and accessibility but can also increase the chance of meeting a potential business partner.


1. Prestige Value of Certain Location

This may not sound important, but it will be once the business is already up and running. Aside from the company’s name, a location is also responsible to determine a company’s prestige. Having a legitimate and prestigious business address will evoke a feeling of trust and assurance from potential clients. This will then bring a positive impact to the entrepreneur’s business.


2. Guaranteed Office Security

Entrepreneurs, wherever they are, wouldn’t want their business operations to be halted. Office security has surely become a priority. Entrepreneurs would not want to operate their business in an office location that has a high-security risk. Therefore, office security consideration is very important. Locations with double access and 24/7 camera security will be very beneficial for the office. Some buildings even include double security where visitors can only access a certain floor.

3. Office Rental Price and Transparent Process

An uncomplicated office rental process and a transparent fee is the main factor when renting an office. Additional fees that appear on the invoice are extremely annoying for entrepreneurs. Therefore, before having an office rental in Jakarta, it is important to look for options that provide a transparent fee. A quick and simple process will also help entrepreneurs to proceed with their business faster.


4. Office Needs Fulfillment

Furniture/other office supplies need to be complete or at the minimum adequately provided. Moreover, electricity and the internet needs to be accounted for. Office space provider/ serviced office in Jakarta usually offers these benefits. Entrepreneurs only need to negotiate the payment with the provider, before earning themselves a private office. No need to go through the complicated process of buying office supplies and dealing with building utilities.

5. Understanding Office Rental Contract

In the office rental contract, several things need to be underlined. The identities and obligations of both parties in the contract are crucial. Next is the price details as well as other applicable fees. The third is the period of contract. Entrepreneurs need to make sure that the contract allows them to prolong their rental contract. Lastly is the billings and deposit that needs to be paid.

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Office rental in Jakarta requires a lot of considerations. As the city is a metropolitan city, there are many options available. For instance, serviced office/office space. This option is very advantageous to entrepreneurs. It simplifies the process of setting up an office while providing a strategic office location at an affordable price. MESO Serviced and Virtual Office provide serviced office that supports various kinds of businesses. Contact us on our Live Chat at our website or send us an e-mail.