Office in Jakarta is a popular demand amongst entrepreneurs, both local and foreign. In recent years, the amount of foreign investment in the country increases constantly. Therefore, the need for office is higher. The option for office locations also varies within the city. Some entrepreneurs prefer to work from Central Jakarta, while others prefer to work in the hub of West Jakarta.

Aside from the location, the kinds of offices available are also different. Offices can be in the form of office units, shophouses, private offices or virtual offices. The first two options are a more conventional one. In contrast, the last two options are modern solutions with a more affordable cost. Those options allow entrepreneurs to run their businesses efficiently.

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For businesses with a lesser number of employees, a private office is a great option. By renting a private office, the entrepreneurs do not need to trouble themselves with the office setup. They do not need to carry fixed assets in the form of furniture and office appliances. All of those basic office facilities are already provided in a private office. Furthermore, private office providers also provide basic office services as well as refreshments.

Selecting the Right Office Choice

When choosing a private office provider, entrepreneurs usually plan their decision according to their business needs. Certain business accentuates on budget while others focus on facilities and location. Ideally, entrepreneurs need to compare the facilities and services to the budget. By comparing the values, they will be able to make the right decision.

The most important thing to understand is that a low price does not equate to the best price. Entrepreneurs must be able to weigh the value of the rental price. They need to be able to calculate if the rental price covers the service and facilities. If it does not seem like it, then most likely the office provider will not be able to maintain good service. This will post as a future risk as the provider may be at risk of bankruptcy. If they do close down, then the clients too will have to go through the troublesome process of finding a new office and moving.

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On the other hand, if the rental price can cover the costs and is within the budget, it is a good option. One of the recommendable providers in Jakarta is MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. The company has been providing professional office service to clients since 2013. Not only private offices and virtual offices, but the company also provides support services. For instance, legal consultation, tax consultation, as well as business consultation.

Office in Jakarta and How to Rent Them

Another benefit of using a private office is convenience. Entrepreneurs do not need to go through a complicated process to gain access to an office suite. They only need to prepare legal and identification documents, make payments and then sign the agreement. Once done, the providers will guide them through the facility and hands them the key. With the key, the entrepreneur will be able to freely utilize their office in Jakarta.

For a private office provider like MESO, the office suite is accessible 24/7. Therefore, the client does not need to worry about needing to come to the office beyond office hours. Furthermore, electricity is also useable outside of office hours. The client is responsible to turn off the electricity before leaving the office premises. Plus, if they need assistance from one of the office provider personnel during those times, they only need to request. The office manager will arrange the personnel and schedule for clients in need.

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