Office Rental in Jakarta is an economic solution for new companies that are working on their development. For many companies, the right office location is very beneficial to portray a positive image of the company to visitors and potential clients. In Jakarta, the current law states that not all locations are suitable for business use. For instance, a house and non-commercial buildings cannot be used for business purposes. Thus, companies must register their address at office buildings that are legally allowed to produce domicile letter. By doing so the companies will get to fully enjoy office rental benefits.

Office Rental Benefits

For entrepreneurs developing their business, an office rental solution in an office building in Central Jakarta may be costly. However, there is still a way to have their company registered at a prestigious office address in Central Jakarta affordably. Said solution is no other than Virtual Office. In general, by renting a virtual office, service providers will provide the prestigious address, domicile letter to apply for company licenses, dedicated telephone number and receptionist services, etc. Thus, what are the benefits of an office rental in Central Jakarta? Find out more below:

  1. Get Prestigious Office Address

Currently, there are a lot of virtual office providers that offer their address for companies to rent. A lot of them are located at prestigious office buildings in Central Jakarta. Rental office service providers usually offer various packages that are both economic and suitable for developing companies. Those packages include a prestigious office rental address in Central Jakarta, a dedicated telephone number, professional and bilingual receptionist service, and access to a meeting room and office suite that are both comfortable and professional.

  1. Assists in Marketing Activity

Central Jakarta area is a strategic location, well known for being a premium office area. A strategic office location will help to facilitate marketing activity due to the fact the area is popular with the public. On top of that, one of the benefits of office rental in the area is the potential of raising brand awareness. Hence, having an office located in Central Jakarta will definitely help to facilitate the company’s marketing activity.

  1. Increase the Company Profit

Another benefit of office rental in Central Jakarta is the possibility of increasing the company’s profit. Surely, marketing activity is crucial to increase sales potential. However, having the company located in a well-known premium CBD area will give more exposure to the public eyes. This exposure will help the public to remember the brand and thus, indirectly increases sales potential.

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  1. Minimize Operational Costs

Through office rental in Central Jakarta, a company does not need to pay a lot of money to buy an office unit or other properties to have an office. Utilizing the benefits of office rental, tenants will also get prestigious address and premium office services. In the long run, renting a private office or virtual office in Central Jakarta could minimize operational cost and office rental cost.

  1. Easy Access and Transportation

Other benefits of renting an office in Central Jakarta is easy to access. The Central Jakarta area has a lot of transportation access like the busway and commuter line. The availability of public transport is very beneficial for office rental tenants. Employees and potential customers alike will find it easier to access their office.

Those are the benefits of office rental in Central Jakarta. We hope that this article will be helpful for entrepreneurs who are deciding to rent an office for their businesses. For those, looking for an office provider in Jakarta be it a virtual office or serviced office, don’t hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat on our website, or send us an e-mail.